Diesel fuel comes from crude oil, which is a natural mineral resource that comes from the earth. When crude oil is refined, byproducts like gasoline, diesel, kerosene, etc. are made. Each of these byproducts has its own use.

Diesel fuel is a major byproduct of crude oil. It comes in different types that can be told apart by their colors. Now, you might be wondering, “What color is diesel fuel?”

This article shows you the different kinds of diesel fuel and what color they are. Now let’s find out what diesel is and what kinds of diesel fuel there are.

What Is Diesel?

Diesel fuel is also called distillate fuel oil. It is used in cars and trucks with engines that use compression ignition. Diesel fuel is made by refining crude oil and biomass materials. It was invented in Germany by Rudolf Diesel and is named after him. Each 42-gallon barrel of crude oil can be used to make an average of 11 to 12 gallons of diesel fuel in the US.

You probably know about machines that you use every day that run on diesel fuel. Engines power things like trucks, trains, buses, boats, farm equipment, military vehicles, and some regular on-road vehicles.

It is also widely used in industry, though. Diesel generators are used as backup and emergency power sources in factories, high-rise buildings, and other industrial facilities.

Diesel fuel is an important part of our modern economy and has helped push the limits of technology.

What color is diesel fuel?

Most people don’t ever look at the gas they put in their cars. It goes through the pump, down a black hose, through a nozzle, and into the dark gas tank. Gasoline is clear, white, or slightly yellow when it is made. Diesel is clear or yellow when it comes out.

How diesel fuel is priced depends on where you look. Diesel is usually a color that ranges from light brown to dark red, depending on how refined it is. You may have heard of ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD). This diesel has been cleaned up even more so that it burns cleaner and causes less pollution than regular diesel.

It burns very brightly, almost like gasoline, and isn’t as clean as ULSD diesel. Because it has more sulfur in it and a lot of diesel oil. Which is a heavy, thick, black gooey substance that sticks to fingers or anything else it comes in contact with.

Diesel engines are thought to be more efficient than gasoline engines. Because diesel engines produce more energy from less fuel.

7 Types of Diesel Fuel and Colors

1. On-Road/Clear Diesel

“Ultra-low sulfur diesel” is another name for this kind of diesel (ULSD). It doesn’t have much sulfur and is used in cars that go on public roads. It has a density of about 0.85 grams per milliliter and is clear to amber in color.

2. Green diesel fuel

Green diesel fuel is another type of diesel fuel that is made. It is chemically marked with the color green. To show that it is only made for equipment that doesn’t go on roads, especially equipment used in agriculture.

Green diesel is taxed less than clear diesel and gasoline because of what it is used for. The law is very strict about how they can or can’t be used in on-road vehicles.

3. Off-Road/Dyed Diesel

This kind of diesel is also called “dyed diesel” or “tax-exempt diesel.” It has more sulfur than the diesel used on public roads. It is used in construction equipment, farm equipment, and generators that don’t travel on public roads.

It’s colored red or green so that tax officials can find it easily. The dye doesn’t change how well the fuel works. About 0.81 grams of dye are packed into every milliliter of dyed diesel.

4. Red-colored Diesel

The US government has rules about this type of diesel, and it should only be used in machines that don’t go on the road. Cranes, earthmovers, forklifts, excavators, planes, boats, and farm machines are all examples of machines. Red diesel can be used in anything that isn’t a regular car for driving around town.

But we know what you’re thinking: Is it the same as regular diesel fuel that you put in your car? Yes, that’s a pretty clear answer. Red-colored diesel is chemically identical to regular diesel fuel. The EPA just uses Solvent Red 26 or Solvent Red 164 to give this diesel its unique color.

Taxes are the only reason why diesel comes in red color. At the point of sale, all fuels, including red diesel, are taxed. The name for this tax is “fuel tax.” But the red tax on diesel is taken back. Compared to other fuels, this means that prices are lower.

5. Purple fuels

Red gasoline and diesel aren’t always red. Sometimes, they look more purple. This is just a different version of the same thing.

6. Black fuel

Greece’s boats and ships are all blacks.

7. Blue-colored Diesel

The US government also has strict rules about blue diesel. This diesel can only be used by vehicles owned by the US government and not by the general public. It is colored blue to make it stand out from regular diesel fuel.

Blue-colored diesel is also chemically identical to regular diesel fuel. People often think that using dyed fuels will cause them to work less well. There is no proof from science that this is true. Dyes don’t change the way the fuel is made, they just add color.

Conclusion on What Color Is Diesel Fuel?

Diesel fuel can be clear, yellow, or clear with a blue tint, but those are the most common colors. The original color of yellow diesel has been changed, and it is now colored with a solution called “dye marker.”

With a dye marker, it is easy to tell if a driver has broken the law by using off-road diesel on the road. Also, the dye makes it easier to track the fuel and charge taxes on it. Red diesel and green diesel are both types of dyed diesel.

The color is the main difference between the two. Diesel fuel comes in two types: off-road diesel and on-road diesel. The main difference is how much sulfur each one has.

Off-road diesel has more sulfur in it than the diesel used on the road, which means it is worse for the environment. If you get caught driving with dyed diesel, you could have to pay a big fine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about What Color Is Diesel Fuel?

Why Is Yellow Diesel Illegal?

Yellow diesel is against the law because it can only be used off-road. It does this because it gives off more pollution than regular diesel. If you are caught driving with yellow diesel, you could have to pay a big fine.

What Happens If I Use Dyed Diesel?

If you get caught driving with dyed diesel, you could have to pay a big fine. Also, because dyed diesel has more sulfur than regular diesel, it pollutes the air more than regular diesel.

What Is the Difference Between Red and Green Diesel?

Red diesel and green diesel are both types of dyed diesel. The color is the main difference between the two. Red diesel is called that because it is red, and green diesel is called that because it is green.

What Is the Difference Between Off-Road Diesel and On-Road Diesel?

Diesel fuel comes in two types: off-road diesel and on-road diesel. The main difference is how much sulfur each one has. Off-road diesel has more sulfur in it than the diesel used on roads. This means that diesel used off-road is worse for the environment than the diesel used on-road.

What color is normal diesel fuel?

Diesel fuel that hasn’t been dyed is a beautiful shade of amber-green. The fuel that has already started to break down will get darker. This is because the heavier parts of the fuel blend are no longer dissolved in the fuel. Instead, they are coming out of the solution and floating freely in the fuel.

How can you tell if it’s gas or diesel?

The small door that gives you access to your fuel tank should say “Unleaded Gasoline Only” or “Diesel Only” to let you know what kind of fuel your car needs. You can also look at the fuel filler neck to see how big it is.

What color diesel is best?

There are different kinds of diesel fuel, and you can easily tell them apart by their colors. There is no color added to regular diesel, so it is clear. This kind of diesel is for cars and trucks with diesel engines that are used on the road.

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