Volkswagen has increased the size of its most popular model, called the Arteon, this year with a major styling update and new infotainment technology. It provides style and an experience in driving that’s not available in the Passat and comes with sufficient premium features to place it in close competition with BMWs and Audis.

Thanks to its sedan/hatchback body design, The Arteon has large cargo space. It offers the same level of elegance, power, and room inside with a price tag of thousands of dollars less. Kia’s Stinger is another hatchback/sedan combination with a stronger engine with improved performance and driving dynamics and the option of all-wheel drive. However, this model has enough value to warrant an additional glance.

Why should we recommend it?

The Arteon SEL R-Line is a great combination of standard features and costs. It allows you to have either front- or all-wheel-drive and features the panoramic sunroof as well as high-performance headlights with adaptive lighting, 19-inches wheels leather seats, and additional driver aids like the full-speed adaptive cruise control, as well as both rear and front-facing parking sensors.

Top technology

The Arteon’s tech features include a gauge cluster with a digital display and an 8-inch touchscreen for infotainment. This touchscreen is sleek and simple to use. It also has some clever tricks in its arsenal, including hiding less-used controls when you move your finger to the side of the screen. Incorporating the map in the instrument panel’s digital format is also possible. The system’s voice controls function well and can comprehend natural requests for speech. The available Harman Kardon audio system sounds quite good.

The integration of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay wirelessly is simple. The adaptive cruise control with a full-speed system isn’t always fast enough to accelerate when the car ahead has stopped. However, we like that it’s not too sensitive when it comes to brakes.

What is so enjoyable about Arteon?

In general, the Arteon is an extremely comfortable car. The seats are well-shaped and offer a good amount of cushioning and support. The ride is generally controlled, particularly on the highway. However, even adaptive dampers won’t remove the large and sharp bumps.

A standard 3-zone control for climate and rear air vents will keep passengers comfortable, and the air circulates throughout the cabin. However, the control buttons require more focus to press than we would like. Another problem is that regular seats don’t have much ventilation, and hot days can cause an unnaturally swollen effect unless you choose the highest-end trim with air-conditioned seats.

What’s, do the Arteon drive?

The Arteon’s engine is powerful, according to the specs document (268 horsepower); however, its real-world performance isn’t quite as impressive. It was able to go 0-60 mph in 6.6 seconds, which is slower than other cars equipped with modern engines. The transmission’s shift can be slow, reducing the vehicle’s ability to respond.

The good thing is that the Arteon’s steering is balanced and is communicative. There is a visible body roll in Comfort and Normal driving mode when turning. Moving to Sport is a great way to tighten up the handling, and the Arteon’s all-wheel-drive system does an excellent job of aiding the car to accelerate from turns. This Arteon is more solid and stable in the face of more force by mid-sized competitors. It’s not the most exciting; however, it has a lot of predictability and confidence.

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