With four doors, a large trunk, and ample room for the whole family, it’s everything a modern midsize car requires. In this sense, this Toyota Camry 2022 is the automotive equivalent of a balanced breakfast providing the necessities with a few choices for a touch of flair. It is a faithful follower of the formula that has been proven successful and will carry into 2022 with a largely unchanged design.
The Camry was updated in 2018 and was updated with some cosmetic tweaks in the past year. It comes with either a 4-cylinder engine or an available V6 engine. The front-wheel-drive option is available, as is all-wheel drive, which is also available with the engine with four cylinders. An all-wheel-drive option that most midsize cars don’t have and are a major advantage. If you often navigate on snowy or icy roads.

Camry drive

We have tested the 4-cylinder Camry SE. Toyota has tweaked the car to achieve high efficiency in fuel consumption, but the result is a sluggish acceleration from the start. Our test vehicle accelerated from 0-60 miles per hour in a mere 8.2 seconds, though it feels a little zestier than that in the real world. The transmission compensates for the difference with an acceptable response and fast shifting. With eight speeds, there’s always an appropriate gear, and expect two-gear downshifts as you fill up with gas to work with the power of the engine available.

2022 Toyota Camry on snow
2022 Toyota Camry

How enjoyable is the Camry?

Comfortable, high-quality seats, as well as a smooth ride. This means that the Camry can be used by a wide selection of drivers when they travel long distances. In addition, it has a powerful and easy-to-use climate control system that allows you to cool your cabin efficiently, even at temperatures of triple-digits. At the same time, the Camry provides an enjoyable atmosphere for all passengers traveling with you.

2022 Toyota Camry Interrior
2022 Toyota Camry Interrior

Best tech

The Camry’s smartphone integration comes with the usual Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa. The standard 7-inch, as well as the optional 9-inch touchscreens, are simple to read and use. Navigation built-in is available in higher trims if you wish to have it. Three USB ports, and the option to include wireless chargers, should offer ample power for every driver traveling.

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