Take care of a black car is the same as taking care of any other car, but if you don’t do it right, you can ruin the way it looks on the outside. The dark color of your car makes it easy to see these problems. If there is a flaw in the paint, it will stand out like a sore thumb. Small amounts of dirt make the car look dirty quickly, and even small scratches can look bad.

But a black car that has been cleaned well can easily beat the natural shine of a painted car. As a benefit, black can shine very well and draw in a lot of viewers and buyers. In today’s article, we talk about how to take care of your car the right way and give it a deep shine that can reflect its surroundings.

Why are black cars so easy to get dirty?

Birds don’t care what color your car is when they peck it. Black paint appears to reveal more dirt because it’s extremely reflective and has a high contrast, which makes dirt stand out in bright light.

What Kind Of Paint Damage Is Common For Black Cars?

In the world of cars, there is some confusion about what kind of paint damage happens most often to black cars. Here’s the deal: black paint is the same as any other color, except that it’s not really a color. We’ll talk more about this later. Black is a good example of a car that has problems that all cars have every year.

Even so, there are some common paint damage problems that tend to get worse if your car is black.

Dirt Is Your Enemy

Dirt Is Your Enemy

It’s obvious, right? Why would you do anything else but wash your car? But what’s really going on is that the small scratches and swirls you see in the reflection of a black-painted car are usually caused by careless, avoidable ways of washing cars. Scratches and swirls that look like spider webs can look like a bad machine detail, but they are caused by the way clothes are washed.

“If there’s dirt, you’re grinding it into the paint. The point is not to clean the paint. “That’s important for a black car because every scratch will show,” said Mike Phillips, director of training at Autogeek.net, a car-care vendor and enthusiast detailing forum.

How do black cars clean waxing or ceramic coating?

You might be tempted to stop after the waterless wash, but you still need to detail your black goddess if you want it to shine like a mirror. Most people wax their cars once a month, but new developments in the auto industry have made traditional waxes and sealants less useful. Ceramic coatings are better these days.

Ceramic coatings last a lot longer than car wax. For two to five years, your car will look like it just came out of the factory. These products have a special polymer coating that protects the paint from scratches and stains by acting like a second skin. This makes the paint very resistant to environmental stress.

The main problem with ceramic coating is that it takes hours to put on and usually needs the help of a professional (who probably won’t do it for free unless he owes you a lot of money). Use a spray-on ceramic shine instead of going to the auto store to get the same results. Ceramic Shine from Torque Detail works just like a ceramic coating, but it costs less than a regular car wash and only takes a few minutes to put on by hand. It’s made with special silicon dioxide particles that fill in the pores of the car’s surface, making a thin, glass-like layer of protection that literally repels iron deposits, rain, snow, tree sap, pollen, bug guts, bird droppings, and almost every other everyday contaminant you’ll come across.

Car Washing Soap

Car Washing Soap

Before you got your black car, did you clean your other cars with detergent or even dish soap? If so, it’s time to break that habit. Popular Mechanics says that if you use things on your car that aren’t meant to be used on cars, you could damage the paint and wax on your car.

Soaps for washing cars are much better for your car and don’t damage the wax. Because of the way they are made, they can clean the car without hurting it in any way.

Clay Bar 

Clay bars are an important part of cleaning a car because they help get rid of any dirt or dust that may have built up on the surface. Black cars, in particular, need to be cleaned with a clay bar to avoid deep scratches, get rid of bug splatters that are hard to clean, and act like a magnet for any dirt or dust that might be stuck to the paint job.

Dry the car using the blotting technique 

This part of washing a car seems easy, but it’s where mistakes can be made and ugly marks can be left on a black car. To stop that from happening, use the microfiber cloth and the blotting method to clean the car instead of just wiping it down.

How do I wash a black car without water spots?

Water on the surface of a car might not look like much. We take a shower every day, and nothing bad has ever happened to us. People never forget to dry themselves off after taking a bath or shower, but when it comes to their cars, they just leave them wet and open to the elements.

Every drop of water, especially tap water, has things floating in it that aren’t good for you. When the fluid dries up, these contaminants stay on the car’s surface and leave water spots, which look like white, flaky stains.

Not only are water spots ugly to look at, but they also damage the paint on your car. In the worst case, these water spots can become a permanent part of the car. This usually happens when you leave a wet car out in the hot sun.

Water spots are easy to avoid. All you need to do is make sure you DRY your car with a microfiber duster after washing it. If you want to speed things up, you can aim the air from a leaf blower or something similar at the areas that are still wet. Try to clean your car in the shade above all else.

How to Remove Bird Droppings and Bug Splats from Your Black Car?

If there are bird droppings or bug splats, you may need to clean more. They look bad and could be bad for your car if you don’t take care of them right away.

Car Buyer says that when you see bird poop, you should act quickly and put some water on the area right away. After that, put a damp cloth on the spot and let it sit there for a few minutes. If you did everything right, the waste will come off when you take the cloth away.

Your Mechanic says that WD-40 works well for bug splats, but the process is a bit more complicated because you’ll need a cleaner. First, clean the spot with the cleaner, and then remove it with the microfiber cloth.

If the bird droppings or bug splats aren’t all over the car, you can just clean the problem areas and do the rest another day.

Two Bucket Wash Method

By putting the dirty rinse water in one bucket and the clean soapy water in another, contaminants won’t get back on the paint. If you only use one bucket, all of the dirt and grime that you remove from the outside with a wash mitt will go into the bucket, where the mitt can pick it up again.

“The idea behind having two buckets is that one will hold your wash solution and the other will hold plain water. Start washing the car at the top and work your way down. Rinse the mitt by putting it in a bucket of plain water first to get rid of dirt. A lot of scratches and swirls on a car are caused by dirt that gets back on it. You might not notice it right away, but you will for sure in the long run,” Pennington said.

Experts say that you shouldn’t use dishwasher soap to clean your car. Dish soap is a cleaner and degreaser, so it removes wax or sealant from the clear coat, which protects it. Instead, use a car-wash solution to keep the paint from getting too dry while you clean the car. This will reduce friction and the chance of scratching.

How to Prevent Scratches from Appearing on Your Black Car

In addition to following all of the above steps and using all of the above items, you should also be careful with your car. When you clean it, take your time and be careful with the paint and finish so you don’t chip or damage them by accident.

It’s just as important not to skip the step of waxing. Black cars show blemishes much more easily, so wax is important as the last line of defense against dirt.

Also, if you are leaving town or putting your car away for the night, you might want to use a car cover. I know that on sunny days, they can make the car way too hot, so you have to decide. I don’t know if I would bring a car cover with me and use it every time I park. Still, you might only want to use these if you’re leaving your car for a while or if you park near trees where sap or pollen might get on your car.

As you can see, taking care of a black car does require a little TLC, but it’s not a super hard process or something you should obsess over.

If Your Surface is Looking Dull or Has Scratches

We recommend a cut and polish to get rid of swirl marks and oxidation if you see scratches, faded marks, or dark spots. The process is simple and doesn’t take long.

Start by putting on the polish and buffing the scratched areas to get rid of any marks or flaws. Check out our Cutting Compound Guide to find the best product for your scratches. Add a protective wax to finish. This will give your black paint a deep shine, making it shine like a black car in a showroom.

The AutoSmart Wax systems not only give your car a deep, long-lasting shine, but they also protect the clear coat of your paint so that the shine stays even after you wash your car.

How do I avoid putting swirl marks in black paint?

Some swirl marks are caused by the paint’s natural aging, but most are caused by careless cleaning, like using a regular rag to wipe the car or not washing off the dirt before drying it.

Rags and cloths should NEVER be used because they are rough and can leave tiny scratches that get bigger over time. Also, if you don’t wash off all the dirt before wiping, the particles get dragged across the surface of the paint and cause damage. This is especially clear when a dirty car is covered with a car cover.

Getting some microfiber cloths is a simple way to avoid all of this. These are made of a special fabric made just for cars that won’t hurt the coating. When you see water drops, use the duster to gently pat the car dry, or move slowly and vertically (avoid vigorously rubbing it in a circular motion). This might take some time, but the results are worth it.

NEVER let the car dry on its own, because the minerals in the water droplets can cause stains.

Use High-Quality Wash and Dry Products

It’s important to keep anything that touches the paint during the wash and dry process from being too rough, since even the smallest scratch shows up on a black exterior.

“You should really use the softest materials you can find for a black car. You should use something good that won’t hurt the paint. Phillips said, “A good microfiber towel can soak up seven times its own weight in water without scratching the paint.”

A soft, washable microfiber chenille wash mitt will last longer than a cheaper one that falls apart after a few washes. A good idea is to have two sponges or wash mitts, one for the body and one for the wheels.

Why Should You Detail A Black Colored Vehicle?

Most car owners think that detailing means using polishes or surface enhancers to make the car “shine.” This is great for making black paint shine, especially if it has a high gloss finish, but it doesn’t really do anything to protect the surface.

The only way to keep these common “pain points” from getting on a black-painted car is to put some kind of paint protection product on top. Some of the most common things used to protect the paint on black cars are natural or synthetic car wax, paint sealants (which are like car wax on steroids made in a lab), a ceramic coating (like Armor Shield IX), and Paint Protection Film (PPF).

Still, washing a car the right way can help get rid of dirt and other things that can slowly eat away at the clear coating. If you wash your car with the recommended two-bucket method and dry it with microfiber towels, swirl marks and scratches are much less likely to happen.

Avoid Brushed Automatic Car Washes

The goal is to keep dirt from getting scrubbed into the paint and making scratches. It’s a crapshoot whether those spinning brushes of doom at an automatic car wash are clean or full of mud from the off-road truck that went through before your car.

Even hand wash car washes are risky because you don’t know how clean their washing and drying towels are or how they’ve been used. Touchless car washes that spray and rinse but don’t touch your car are the best way to get a quick wash. However, Dvorak said that they aren’t completely safe because the harsh chemicals can remove wax.

Even though it may not be what you want to hear, the best way to keep a brand-new black car from getting scratches and swirls is to do it yourself by following the tips above from car-care experts.

Benefits Of Detailing A Black Car

A quick question: what color was Batman’s first car? If you said black, that would be a no way in hell. In fact, when Bob Kane (DC’s version of Stan Lee) introduced the Caped Crusader in Detective Comics #27, he was fighting crime while driving around in a red 1937 Ford Coupe Street Rod. In the end, he changed his name to black to become a real BAMF.

But Bruce Wayne, who was Batman’s secret identity, was a very rich man who probably never had to deal with scratches, swirl marks, or other paint damage that got worse over time. Most people who drive cars today don’t have that option.

Black is the bad guy when it comes to car paint. When it’s just been waxed or coated with ceramic, it shines like a new penny. But when a bird flies over and poops on it, the bird poop and other trash tend to stand out.


It doesn’t have to be hard or hard work to learn how to take care of your car properly. Compared to other cars, dark-colored cars are more likely to get scratches, dirt, and a dull look. On the other hand, keeping a black car clean can make a huge difference in how much it shines compared to other colors like white and silver.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) About How to Take Care of a Black Car

How do you keep a black car clean?

Black cars, in particular, need to be cleaned with a clay bar to avoid deep scratches, get rid of bug splatters that are hard to clean, and act like a magnet for any dirt or dust that might be stuck to the paint job.

Can you take a black car through an automatic car wash?

Scratches are very likely to happen on black paint when a car is washed by an automatic car wash. The rough, dirty brushes they use hurt the clear coat, which makes the car look less shiny. This will not happen if you wash the car by hand and take more time and care.

Is it hard to take care of a black car?

Black cars are harder to keep clean than cars with other colors of paint because dirt and dust show up more easily, water spots are easier to see, and scratches that happen when washing are easier to see.

Why do black cars scratch so easily?

Black cars don’t get scratches more often than cars with other colors of paint, but the scratches are easier to see on black cars because the scratches look white against the black paint.

Does black car scratch easily?

It has been shown that black cars are the hardest to keep clean. All dark-colored cars are difficult to keep clean. Any little bit of dirt on the car will show. The car will look just as bad after a rainstorm or a ride through dirty water.

What is the best car color to keep clean?

Grey and silver cars are usually easier to clean than white or darker cars because they hide dirt and dust better and are less likely to get water spots than dark colors. Grey and silver cars are also better at hiding clear coat scratches that happen when washing than black cars.

How often should you wash a black car?

As a general rule, you should wash your car about once every two weeks. People with an obsession will do it once a week or even more often. Also, uneven dirt like road salt and bug guts needs to be cleaned right away to keep it from damaging paint or metal.

What color car is easiest to maintain?

Most shades of gray or silver are the easiest to keep clean. White and other lighter colors are next. Dirt, swirl marks, and scratches don’t show up on gray and silver.

Do black cars get dirty faster?

Black cars get dirty the fastest, which might come as a surprise. In fact, all darker colors have trouble staying clean, which is why you should choose light browns if you want to wash your car less often. After it rains, black and other dark-colored cars tend to get water spots.

Are black cars more attractive?

According to a study by JCT600, this is what your car says about you: Black: That car you’re driving is very nice. About 22% said black car drivers were the most attractive, which was the most of any color. Among women, 23% said black car drivers were the most attractive.

Why are black cars better?

Black cars sell more quickly than other colors because it shows that you took good care of the car when you owned it. When your car is a darker color, it’s easier to see dents and scratches than when it’s a lighter color.

Is black color car unlucky?

According to some research, black cars are the most dangerous ones on the road. At least one study found that if you drive a black car. you are 47% more likely to be in an accident. Other studies agree that black is the most dangerous color, but they don’t say as much about why.

Are black cars hotter?

All of the visible parts of the spectrum are absorbed by black, which turns that light energy into heat. The more it takes in, the more heat it gives off. White and silver, on the other hand, do the opposite. They reflect all the light that hits them. This means that less energy is taken in and less heat is given off.

Is it good to buy black color car?

1.1. Black. In a study done by Monash University, black was found to have the highest rate of accidents. Cars with black exteriors are 12% more likely to get into accidents than white cars. Which are thought to be the safest option.

Do black cars hold their value?

“In fact, yellow is one of the colors with the least number of vehicles. Most sports cars and other low-volume cars that hold their value well are yellow.” The same is true for orange, which comes in third and makes up a small portion of vehicles overall.

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