Your most memorable Don LaFontaine (the famous movie trailer announcer) voice to declare: “In a world where all of the light-duty pickups are thoroughly modern and highly customizable, there was one that stood up to resist the change: the Nissan Titan.” Catchy, right? It’s something you’d like to see or at least watch it as it was released on Netflix. Unfortunately, the 2022 Titan could be more appealing in terms of a film than the kind of truck you’d prefer to purchase. Even though Nissan released some improvements last year, it’s still the same vehicle that rolled out onto the roads in  2015.

It’s not surprising that it’s outdated concerning capabilities and configuration flexibility. A V8 engine indeed comes with the Titan, but you won’t have any other options for higher performance in terms of fuel efficiency. The Titan’s towing and hauling figures, although decent, are far from the numbers you’ll expect from the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150 as well as Ram 1500.

Titan drive

The Titan comes with an ordinary V8 engine. This is fine if you enjoy V8 engines, but other models offer wider choices. The Titan that we tested could go from 0-60 miles per hour in 7.5 seconds. This is not a lot for a light-duty truck with an engine that’s a V8. The V8, coupled with the auto’s nine-speed, delivers power in the right direction. We didn’t anticipate the Titan to be a snarky beast in performance. However, the steering is heavy in a manner that limits agility at low speeds. It’s necessary to apply a lot of pressure on the brakes to stop with full power and can feel the weight of this 3-ton truck as you travel on roads that wind.

How enjoyable is the Titan?

The Titan is smooth on smooth pavement, and it can take care of bumps and cracks on the road without causing any disruption to the interior. It’s a relaxing ride that is enhanced with the seats in front, which are comfortable and soft. Automatic climate control springs into action quickly. However, the fan is extremely loud and causes excessive ambient noise that is always present within the cabin. While driving, there is evident wind noise, and you must speak more clearly to talk on the road.

How’s the interior?

It’s a common interior of a truck, with an old-fashioned column-mounted shifter and labeled buttons that are accessible. Inside, you’ll find a lot of hard plastic. However, Nissan is capable of dressing up the higher trims with soft materials and wood accents. The passenger space is excellent in the front and adequate for rear passengers, although some of the competitors in this class have more striking. Doors are enormous and easy to get to and out. The high and commanding view of the roads and taller drivers prefer the seat to be lowered a little more, and a tilt-and-telescoping steering column aids in getting into a comfortable seat.

Top tech

The 9-inch touchscreen on most Titans has crisp and clear images, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard. Unfortunately, certain screen areas will fade if you’re wearing polarized glasses. The Blackvue camera’s quality is mediocre and appears particularly poor and unprofessional on high-definition screens. Also, the Fender stereo sound system is marginal. Nissan deserves credit for creating Safety Shield 360, its range of features for advanced assistance, and standard equipment. Its adaptive cruise controls are particularly efficient, allowing you to adjust your speed without a hitch even as other vehicles drift into or out of your line of sight. We also appreciate the NissanConnect app, which offers an on-call live concierge to assist with tech issues or direct directions directly into your car.

Fuel economy

A Titan equipped with 4WD boasts an estimated 18 mpg for highway and city driving. This is comparable to rival V8s. However, Nissan does not offer a more efficient engine as its rivals offer. Our test Titan produced 18.6 mpg during our mixed-driving test of 115 miles. Most of the vehicles that we test on this route surpass their EPA estimation.

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