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Mercedes Vision AMG Review: Its Design Similar to EQXX Concept

Mercedes Vision AMG Review

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Mercedes Vision AMG Review, the performance division of the German automaker, has started a big makeover. It is moving away from the big engines that made it famous for crazy driving and toward smaller engines and hybridization. In the next C63 AMG, a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four hybrid will take the place of the turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8. But AMG will soon stop using gas engines altogether. The Mercedes Vision AMG Review concept that was shown today gives a glimpse of the company’s all-electric future. Which Mercedes says will start in 2025.

This Mercedes Vision AMG review will tell you how it performs best and what the future holds for it in terms of electric performance.

Mercedes Vision AMG has a Long Wheelbase and an Attractive Body

Mercedes Vision AMG
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Mercedes Vision AMG has a long wheelbase and a smooth, aerodynamic body that looks good. The back and side windows are the same Alubeam silver color as the rest of the car. This makes the car look sleeker but makes it harder for the windows to work as windows.

Overall, it looks like the EQXX concept. Mercedes vision AMG review says there is an active rear spoiler, but none of the pictures show it going up. Mercedes hasn’t said much about the Vision AMG’s engine, other than that it’s electric and rides on an AMG chassis. EA has a high-performance, high-voltage battery as well as the small and light axial flux motors seen in the EQXX.

This Mercedes Vision AMG appears to be Polished Stone

Even though the Mercedes vision AMG looks like it is made out of polished stone, the graphic details give it a lot of styles. The nose has a panel that looks like the famous AMG Panamericana grille. It has LED light strips that look like the vertical slats on the grilles of gas-powered cars. The main headlights are joined by a thin light bar that is meant to look like the three-pointed star that is the Mercedes logo. The taillights have three cylindrical tubes that look like the glowing afterburners of a fighter jet. They sit below an aggressive rear diffuser.

A Faint Star Design on the Back

Mercedes tied the Vision AMG idea to its successful Formula 1 team with silver paint, aqua accents, and a faint star design on the back half of the car. The prototype’s 22-inch wheels are also closed and aerodynamic. Like the wheel covers that will be used in Formula One in 2022. Mercedes hasn’t said for sure that the concept is a direct look at a future AMG model, but when AMG goes electric in 2025, many of the design features are likely to stay the same.

So, read the Mercedes Vision AMG review article before you buy any model of a Mercedes Vision AMG car.

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