No one looks to small crossover SUVs to be distinctive in design or for a grand time driving. These cars highlight their “utility” in SUVs and provide ample space for passengers, pets, household items, and personal items in the pursuit of daily-driven proficiency. This 2022 Mazda CX-5, with its compact rear quarters and tinier cargo space, climbs to the top of the pack? Simple It’s because the CX-5 brings joy to its driver. It’s not just a feeling of satisfaction from an excellent job. however, the same kind of pleasure that you experience from a compact sports sedan, the wide highway, and the benefit of storage space for items from your local home improvement store. The CX-5′s standard four-cylinder engine makes a great introduction, but it can be a lot more fun with its turbocharged model.

In 2022 the turbo engine will receive an additional boost of a power increase of up to 6 horsepower from the model when it is filled with premium gasoline. CX-5 CX-5 has always maintained a well-balanced ride and responsiveness; however, this year’s minor changes to suspension will reduce road noise and vibrations and increase the control. In addition, subtle tweaks to the rear and front bumpers, headlights, and sundry panels offer the CX-5 an air of fresh look. The rivals like the Honda CR-V, Hyundai Tucson the Nissan Rogue offer more rear space and cargo capacity; However, the CX-5 is unrivaled in combining performance and refinement with such a reasonable price. Check out below for a more thorough review of the factors that make the CX-5 an excellent choice for a compact SUV.

CX-5 drive

 The CX-5 drive

The engine’s base model provides mediocre acceleration when moving, and passing on the highway takes some thought. It is slightly more efficient from standing still. Acceleration from 0-60 mph at our trial track took 8.7 seconds, as is the norm for competitors with the base engine. The turbocharged engine available gets the CX-5 from 0-60 speed in just 6.6 seconds. The handling is an area where the CX-5 is at its best. Because it’s sharp and savvy, it’s able to take turns at speeds that are higher than competitors without having to worry about squealing tires or feeling out of control. The car doesn’t seem to be frightened by swift left-to-right shifts. This is the easiest-to-manage small crossover. There’s no doubt about it.

How enjoyable is the CX-5?

The seats in the front are formed comfortably and are generally comfortable. The seat behind is flat at the lower part and can cause discomfort for long-distance drivers. The seatback on the rear can recline to provide additional comfort.

The CX-5’s ride is not squishy, but it’s not unpleasant. Mid-corner bumps do not bother the CX-5, and it’s never floating. Road imperfections are addressed quickly. The cabin noise is only noticeable when driving at high speeds. However, you won’t need to shout to speak to passengers even then.

How’s the interior?

Mazda CX-5 2022 interior
Mazda CX-5 2022 seats

The cabin is designed for drivers, with all controls at a quick reach. It’s easy to use the CX-5 is spacious in the front and has enough headroom for tall people all around. The rear passengers may feel cramped due to the sculpted seat outboard, making it hard for an adult to be seated on the back. The legroom in the rear is narrow. A higher sitting position, large windows, and a narrow pillar make this car easy to view. It’s not the only thing that’s visible from your shoulder. The rear windows are smaller than the windows of rivals but offer decent views to reduce blind spots. The resolution of the backup camera is clear.

Best tech

The infotainment device is easy to use in general as well as the 10.25-inch display is vibrant and appealing. The navigation system that is integrated is also simple to comprehend. CX-5s equipped with a head-up display project turn-by-turn instructions directly to the driver’s side of the vehicle. Mazda’s system for controlling voice is built upon the natural recognition of speech. It’s great for entering places, calling people, and listening to the terrestrial radio station. The practicality of the CX-5’s driver aids isn’t a perfect mix. The Lane departure warning system makes an unusual low-pitched buzzing sound that grabs the attention of drivers. However, the blind-spot monitor is extremely sensitive. It will activate when you pass vehicles a few car lengths behind.

Fuel economy

Estimated fuel efficiency stands at 26 mpg for combined highway and city driving on an all-wheel-drive CX-5 equipped with an engine that is the basic model. We were able to achieve 28.8 mpg with the test AWD CX-5 on our 115-mile mixed-driving road test; therefore, you should anticipate being able to beat the EPA’s estimate. Certain top crossover SUVs can still give an average fuel economy but slightly improve.

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