The 2022 Kia Niro EV is the all-electric version of the gasoline-powered Niro hybrid, and there is also a plug-in hybrid Niro as well. A 64-kWh battery pack powers a front-mounted motor and provides an EPA-estimated range of 239 miles. The front-mounted motor is powered by a 64-kWh battery pack, which provides an EPA-estimated range (239 miles) mpg. Edmunds’ real-world testing showed that the Niro Electric Vehicle (EV) traveled 285 miles on one charge. This is the longest distance we have seen from an affordable EV. Last year, the Kia Niro EV came with a wide range of standard features. With updates for the model year 2022, there are even more. The optional 10.25-inch touchscreen center screen from last year is now standard. This means that every Niro EV has a large touchscreen.

Kia Niro EV interior

How comfortable is the Niro EV?

We like Niro’s ride quality. It doesn’t feel too soft or bouncy and smoothes out bumps on the road. Although the front seats are firm and well-shaped, they don’t allow for many adjustments. Dual-zone climate control is quick and even. Rear air vents are also a nice feature. For this price Kia Niro 2022 electric has ventilated front seats that cool. This is a rare feature. The Niro is quiet and makes very little noise from wind, tires, or other road noises. The car makes a futuristic sound when it is moving at low speeds. This sound helps pedestrians to be alert. It stops at speeds above 20 mph.


How’s the technology?

Niro’s infotainment system is functional and easy to use. There are screens for EVs that display range, driving data, and other useful information. This is a great feature for eco-conscious drivers. It is simple to sync a smartphone, and the Niro will quickly reconnect once you are back inside. Integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is standard. The Niro EV we tested had three USB ports, one data, two charging ports, and a wireless charging station. Like its corporate sibling, Hyundai Kona Electric, the Niro EV comes standard with an extensive suite of advanced driver aids. The adaptive cruise control is very easy to use, especially in traffic. We found the lane-keeping assist too aggressive and constantly forced you to make minor corrections.

What are the range and efficiency?

The EPA estimates the Niro EV will use 30 kWh of electricity for every 100 miles driven. This is about average for an EV at this price. The EPA estimates that the total range of an EV is 239 miles. This is also an average figure. However, this number is quite conservative in real-world driving. 

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