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Honda Civic 2022

2022 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic has a reputation built on more than 50 years of value, efficiency, and dependability. The 2022 model promise to keep the tradition running strong. The 11th-generation Civic is getting a complete overhaul both inside and outside. Some might argue that the more standard appearance is dull compared to the model’s previous flamboyance. However, we think that it’s more stylish and clean.

There’s not much more to offer under the hood in which you’ll get a basic four-cylinder engine or a turbocharged four-cylinder that offers faster acceleration. Honda is often slower than other automakers to include extravagant features in its affordable vehicles in terms of technology. However, the Civic is equipped with several new features. The top-end Touring and Si models, for example, come with wireless charging pads. The instrument panel is digital and has a touchscreen of 9 inches with wireless connectivity to allow CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration.

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How enjoyable is the Civic?

The Civic’s suspension does a decent job smoothing bumps on the road. It’s not as comfortable as other smaller cars; however, we believe it’s a fair tradeoff given its athletic handling. Front seats feel comfortable, and the leather-covered upholstery is breathable to keep cool during hot summer days. Be aware that the seats do not have adjustable back support for the lumbar region, which could be a problem for sensitive lower backs.

The layout for the climate control is an obvious improvement over the previous model’s layout, with a wide-ranging vent coverage throughout the cabin. The road noise can be heard at any speed and can be quite a nuisance when the surface is rough. Wind noise is generally quiet, while the interior is solidly built and free of vibration.

Best Tech

The touchscreen of the Civic’s infotainment system is situated high on the dashboard to help keep your eye on the road ahead. It’s intuitive with menus that appear on the screen and react swiftly to inputs.

The graphics of the optional navigation system look a bit outdated. However, the map is functional. The trim we tested was the Touring, which has the larger screen of 9 inches, and lower trims receive smaller versions of 7 inches. A majority of people will choose to use traditional Apple CarPlay or Android Auto smartphone projection, regardless. In the Touring model, these devices can connect to phones wirelessly. It is possible to connect via a USB cable if you’d like this option, and we’ve found that it to be faster in connection speeds.

Civic drive

We tried a Civic Touring sedan, which features a turbocharged engine. Our test track went from 0-60 speed at 7.9 seconds. It’s slightly faster than the norm for the small sedan class. It’s not exactly awe-inspiring when you first start it; however, the power is growing slowly and swiftly, which means it’s never a need to lower it as you do with the standard 2.1-liter engine. The Civic’s automatic continuously variable transmission is well-tuned to give rapid and smooth acceleration when needing a rush of speed.

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