Brash and big as always, Its predecessor, the GMC Sierra 2500, carries over until 2022 without any significant modifications. The off-road version is a step down from the top Denali grade and the AT4, which has minor visual changes and slightly improved off-pavement capabilities. Alongside a two-speed transfer mechanism, the AT4s also have hill-descent controls and skid plates to safeguard delicate mechanical parts and an off-road suspension that includes Rancho shocks.

2022 GMC Sierra

AT4 models are available with a large crew-cab body, but two sizes of beds can be found: 82.2 inches and 98.3 inches because their clever design offers the highest capacity, which is perfect for transporting more firewood, gravel, and furniture for each load. This makes it easier to access items in the imposing bed shoulder-high. The Sierra 2500 features integrated side steps and cutouts inside back bumpers.

2022 GMC Sierra 2500: Brash and blocky

There’s no new technology under the high-pitched top of the hood. Two engines are available, one gasoline V8 and an established 6.6-liter Duramax diesel. If you’re able to pay the massive $9,890 cost and you have a lot of work to finish, you should consider an oil-burner that is available with a 10-speed Allison transmission. The combination is fantastic, a huge improvement over the standard Sierra HD engine. It could be the top heavy-duty truck motor available.

2022 GMC Sierra interior

The Duramax offers an impressive 445 horsepower and 910 pounds of torque. It is slightly behind the diesel-powered Ford or Ram trucks in terms of twist, but the difference isn’t significant. The GMC is still quite quick, and the engine is extremely smooth with no noise or the sound of clattering. Transmission performance is excellent. It is smooth and smooth as a luxury car and is never shaky. This diesel-powered Sierra 2500 AT4 can haul up to 3,029 pounds and drag a maximum of 18,500 pounds, either conventionally or with a fifth-wheel/gooseneck trailer. Making towing just a little less stressful are large exterior mirrors that not only feature convex reflectors but extend and fold at the push of a button.

To facilitate this amazing capacity To facilitate this capability, The Sierra has an independent front suspension that is equipped with torsion bars. In the back, you’ll find a traditional live axle supported with leaf springs. It’s no surprise that this setup gives a ride that’s quite stiff and even unloaded; it’s not too rough. Add some hundred pounds into the mattress, which will ease out significantly.

2022 GMC Sierra

The truck’s recirculating steering ball system is fairly exact and requires no constant monitoring to maintain a straight line; however, the excessively high, squared-off hood can be a problem getting it into its track.

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