If you’ve been dreaming of convertible pickups but the new Jeep Gladiator is too expensive, while that Kaiser M715 military truck is just too tank-like, head to your bank now and take out $4,500. That’s the amount this insanely uncommon 1989 Dodge Dakota convertible is selling for on Craigslist. This truck is pretty close to perfect with its red bench seat, ragtop, and 4×4 drivetrain. Many people are in urgent need of some comfort as our world battles an epidemic. Some of you will be tempted to indulge in huge tubs of Neapolitan Ice Cream and romantic comedy. Some will exercise at their homes to work off anxiety.

But those who are smart are aware that there’s nothing more relaxing than having a car park full of vehicles to chat with when you’re feeling isolated in isolation. The best chatters are those with remarkable stories. Such as the Dodge Dakota. This truck will tell you all about how it beat the odds because really, it shouldn’t exist. The market for it is essentially just “Texas cowboys who moved to California; learned about the Ganja and the sweet, sweet jams of Foghat thanks to their new liberal roommates; and somehow turned into surfer bros.

Dodge Dakota convertible


The 3.9 V6 was a close relative of the 318 V8, even keeping the bore and stroke, created because the upcoming Dodge Dakota needed a V6 engine. Creating a new V6 would have taken too much time and money. Given the rarity of this truck, and the apparent good condition (minus some paint clear coat problems and what looks like a ding in the passenger’s side fender—which, along with the driver’s fender, looks to have been replaced or at least repainted), the $4,500 asking price doesn’t seem bad. Someone should heed Rich’s advice and consider stating that in written form.

Dodge Dakota convertible

Whoever ends up writing about this truck should mention how the last and only time they saw one of these rare convert trucks was in the yard of a Michigan man who was being forced by his local township to sell off his rather enormous car collection. It’s probably safe to say that quite a large percentage of the ~4,000 Dakota Sport Convertibles ever sold are in similar or worse shape, so this one for sale in Gaylord could be the one for you, especially if you don’t want to spend over $10 large on a pristine example.

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