In a world where “grand touring” means living by the lens of YouTubers on the move, it’s interesting to see that the BMW 8 Series reminds us that the drivers of the past walked the roads in lavishly spacious coupes equipped with powerful engines. Its 8 Series might conjure up memories of the past; however, it’s one of the top modern grand-touring automobiles around.

BMW 8 Series Manhart tuning

Available as a coupe and convertible and sporting a strong six-cylinder engine, or a mighty twin-turbo V8, 8 Series is plush, quick, and designed to last for a long time of driving. The 2022 model, which was last year’s optional M Sport package, now comes with a standard package. It comes with black trim on the exterior, new brakes, and sport seats that have improved bolsters and are more sculpted. Nineteen-inch wheels are also an option on the standard edition.

Indeed, the 8 Series isn’t cheap. A few worthy competitors are priced around the same price as those like the Porsche 911, which offers better handling but a less lavish interior. There are other options, too. Lexus LC 500 and Jaguar F-Type are also worth looking at if you are considering the BMW. Check out the depth look at the current 8 Series.

BMW 8 Series Abu Dhabi Motors Tuning

How’s the BMW 8 Series drive?

We are expecting a lot from this segment regarding performance; however, it appears that the 8 Series meets or exceeds the expectations. We tested the M850i coupe on our test track, and it went from 0-60 miles per hour to 3.6 seconds. It’s faster than more sporty automobiles like the AMG GT C Mercedes-Benz.

The brakes can be a bit rough at lower speeds, which means it’s not uncommon to have to make an awkward stop. However, it’s a great car. The 8 Series is extraordinarily easy to drive, right from the regular commute, to its high levels. Standard and all-wheel drive and body roll control and precise, quick steering push drivers to go faster.

How enjoyable is the BMW 8 Series?

The 8 Series gets all the quality and performance you expect from a luxury sports coupe. The adaptive dampers can take the sting out of bumps and ruts to provide an improved ride than what competitors provide. Front seats are well-shaped to allow long hours of leisurely touring. However, the slack front bolsters can become a bit stifling, although adjustable. Road and wind noise is amazingly quiet, yet you still get enough of the roaring V8 to be enthralled.

Most impressive is how the 8 Series is somehow this comfy without compromising its overall performance. The usual sacrifices in regards to noise and ride quality are completely absent.

What does the inside look like?

The cabin’s design and style are a major benefit. The main controls are in a good position and don’t require much focus to operate. However, with time, some users may prefer using gesture controls. With plenty of shoulder space, it isn’t possible to bump your passenger while you move to change the music. There’s a lot of space for backspace. The seats are two well-upholstered luggage buckets.

Front seats can be incredibly adjustable, and it’s not a problem to find an optimal location. There is some haze because of the thick pillars and the lack of visual reference points. However, the standard blind-spot monitoring system and surround-view camera systems aid in this regard. Overall the drawbacks are uncommon for this type of camera.

Top tech

The standard audio system is strong and clear enough to not need to purchase the additional (and costly) Bowers & Wilkins upgrade. The infotainment system has a crisp and responsive display and user-friendly menus. Alternatively, you can utilize voice controls if you aren’t interested in fiddling using your iDrive controller. The system is extremely accurate. However, since it’s cloud-based, it may be slower to react. The 8 Series’ advanced driving aids are effective, but many are available as an option.

Fuel economy

The EPA calculates fuel economy for the M850i at 20 miles per gallon together, slightly more than the average for other V8 coupes. These figures are achievable with a little caution. The majority of people we tested did not. However, our test M850i posted fill-ups in the teens.

Is the 8 Series a good value?

The 8 Series is remarkably well equipped in its standard model, and this is especially relevant when comparing it with the similar price Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe and Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. There are many different ways that you’ll get the best of both worlds, combining the Mercedes luxury and Porsche’s dynamism. The 8 Series is a relative bargain if you’re not opposed to choices.

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