There is a lot of confusion among buyers when they are trying to get a catalytic converter cleaner. They are not sure of what to look out for in these. They do not understand how frequently they should be using it, or even how much quantity should they use. To answer all of these questions, we have made this article for you. Hopefully, by making it to the end of this article, you will get answers to all such questions, and know all that is required to choose the best catalytic converter cleaner for your vehicle. Without any further ado, let us get started.

How to choose the best catalytic converter cleaner: Buying guide

There is a multitude of options when it comes to getting a catalytic converter cleaner. Which ones among these are worth getting? That depends on various factors such as compatibility, quantity, etc. Let us talk about the factors one by one in detail that will help you in choosing the perfect catalytic cleaner for your vehicle.

  1. Compatibility: The first, and most important factor to consider before getting a catalytic converter cleaner for your vehicle is compatibility. What is the point of getting one if it is not even compatible with your vehicle’s engine? That will be an entire waste of your money, and using an incompatible catalytic converter cleaner will do more harm than good.
  1. Quantity: You should first determine the amount of catalytic converter cleaner that you would need for your vehicle. It all depends on the size of the fuel tank. Generally, you would need an entire bottle of cleaner for an average 16-gallon tank. Once the seal has been opened, it has to be used entirely, as the contents will no longer be broken.
  1. Cleaning Potential: The main reason you are getting a cat converter cleaner is to clean it. So, make sure that it comes with a potent solution that is capable of cleaning, and declogging it properly. If not, then what is the point?
  1. Entire System Cleaner: When shopping for a catalytic converter cleaner, you would come across two options. Firstly, the cleaners that will just clean the converter. And, secondly, you will also have full system cleaners. These will clean the entire exhaust system. The full system cleaners are overall better as they cleanse the entire system.

Top 5 Best Catalytic Converter Cleaners

Let us get started with our recommendations for the five best cat converter cleaners. All of these cleaners are of good quality, and would not let you down with their respective performance. If you are confused about which one to get, you cannot go wrong by going with any of the five cleaners that we are going to recommend below.

1. Liqui Moly 8931 Catalytic-System Cleaner

The Liqui Moly 8931 is a good cleaner to use for the catalytic converter of your vehicle. Liqui Moly is a popular brand when it comes to the automobile industry. This brand is known for its high-quality, and high-performance products. This cleaner is capable of reducing the emission, and contamination of the entire catalytic system. For all of the above reasons, the Liqui Molly 8931 Catalytic-System Cleaner is our first suggestion.

2. Red Line 60102 Fuel System Cleaner

The second cleaner that we recommend is the Red Line 60102. This is a full system cleaner, and thus, cleans the entire fuel system, rather than just the catalytic converter. This will also reduce the octane demand, and improve the performance, and fuel economy as well. Having such a fuel system cleaner will be quite helpful, and you will surely be able to see a noticeable difference after using it.

3. DURA LUBE Severe Catalytic and Exhaust Treatment

The DURA LUBE Severe Catalytic and Exhaust Treatment reduce the phosphorous, and zinc retention levels at the catalyst inlet. It also protects the catalytic system from oil poison, while also maintaining efficiency. It also helps in reducing the overall carbon footprint of your vehicle. If your vehicle is facing issues regarding ignition, or issues regarding sluggish acceleration, it will be a good idea to use the DURA LUBE Severe Catalytic and Exhaust Treatment.

4. CRC Guaranteed to Pass Emissions Test Formula

The CRC Guaranteed to Pass Emissions Test Formula is another product that we recommend for cleaning catalyst converters. Using this would result in a restored fuel system, better acceleration, starting, and airflow as well; This reduces the emissions and also improves the overall performance. It is compatible with all gasoline, and ethanol-blended fuels.

5. DURA LUBE Diesel DPF and Catalytic Treatment

The last catalytic converter cleaner that we are going to recommend today is the DURA LUBE Diesel DPF and Catalytic Treatment. This is a full system cleaner that reduces clogging, prevents the build-up of soot, increases exhaust system life, and also saves fuel, and diesel in this case, and also improves overall performance.

What is the catalytic converter and what is its function?

The catalytic converter is a crucial part of an ICE (internal combustion engine). When the combustion takes place, a number of toxic gases get generated. This component is responsible for removing all these harmful gases that emit from the engine’s combustion process, before sending the smoke out through the exhaust. If the catalytic converter was not there, then the air around us would be filled with various toxic gases. 

Why Do I Need Catalytic Converter Cleaner?

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is not only important as it prevents the toxic elements from getting emitted into the air. But, it can also affect the overall performance of an engine. Catalytic converters suffer from the problem of dirt and soot build-up. Having a dirty, and clogged-up cat converter will lead to various unpleasant results, such as sluggish performance, reduced fuel efficiency, etc.  So, it is necessary to clean the converter at proper intervals to ensure proper operation. Not to mention, too much clogging can even lead to a damaged cat converter, which then will have to be replaced entirely.

To keep the catalytic converter clean, you need to use specialized cleaners. These cleaners would unclog the cat converter, and ensure that engine performance is not affected. And, also reducing the chances of the converter being damaged.

How Often Should I use a Cleaner?

You know what to look out for when getting a cleaner, you know what are the reasons to use a cleaner, and you also know our recommendations. Now, the question arises of how frequently should you use these cleaners. Well, the answer is that you should be cleaning it 4 to 5 times a year. But, that depends on how much you use your vehicle. If you do not use it much then it will not be an issue if you use it less frequently. But, if you use your vehicle almost daily, then try to use it 4 to 5 times a year at the least. That would provide you with the optimal results, with the best performance, and mileage.


We hope that with all the information that we have provided above, you will know all that you wanted to know about catalytic converter cleaners. We have provided a buying guide so you can know the factors that you should be on the lookout for while getting a connector cleaner. Then, we also explained what a catalytic converter is in layman’s terms, and also explained its functions. After that, we answered the question of how frequently should one use such cleaners for their vehicles. And, finally, we also gave you five of our top recommendations for choosing the best cat converter cleaner for your vehicle. That pretty much covers everything that you would need to know about catalytic converter cleaners.

But, with all the multitude of options that are currently available in the market, selecting the right cat converter cleaner gets quite difficult. We hope that with our buying guide, and suggestions, it will be a lot easier for you to select the best catalytic converter cleaner. Even if you do not end up purchasing our recommendations, you can still refer to our buying guide before making a final decision.

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