An automatic car wash makes everything better – or does it? Even though it’s helpful that machines and technology can do a lot of our daily tasks for us, washing our cars with a machine can cause damage that won’t go away. There has been an automatic car wash for a long time. In fact, it is the main place where regular car washes are done in North America.

But is it smart to go to an automatic car wash? Is there a good or bad reason to use them to clean your car? Should you wash your car by hand at home or take it to a professional detailer once every few weeks? We’ll answer these questions in this article and the next few that will be coming out soon. But first, let’s look into what you need to know about automatic car washes.

Automatic Car Washing

When we look at the world in the 21st century, there isn’t a single industry that doesn’t use machines and their automated functions. The car washing business is the same.

As the name suggests, the automated car wash method uses a set of machines that work together to clean your car. There are two ways to clean a car automatically: the roll-over method and the conveyor method. In a roll-over car wash, you drive your car into a wash bay and park it there. The equipment for cleaning will then roll over your car.

On the other hand, if you use a conveyor car wash. Your car moves on a conveyor belt through a washing tunnel with a series of machines that work together. You can also choose between a touchless and a soft-touch cleaning process at an automated car wash.

People like automatic car washes better than other ways to clean their cars for a number of reasons. Here are some pros and cons of using a self-service car wash.

Can these Automatic Car Wash Machines be termed Eco Friendly?

Any operation is called “Eco-friendly” based on what it puts out into the environment. The waste that comes out of a process is called a discharge. For example, when you take a bath, soapy water comes out of the drain. In the same way, a car wash also releases soapy water with a thin layer of oil or grease, which may come from a car’s leaking wheel bearings or engine oil.

You can call your car wash “Eco-Friendly” if you use a Water Recycling System that separates the oil from the water and gets rid of the sludge before the water goes out. Also, when you recycle the water, you can use the same water over and over again, which cuts down on how much water your car wash needs.

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7 Tips for  Automatic Car Wash:

7 Tips for  Automatic Car Wash
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You can save time and water by taking your car to a car wash and letting someone else wash it for you. Full-service automatic car washes are faster, but some people think they are also risky. Follow these tips to get yourself and your car ready.

1. Choose a Modern Automatic Car Wash

Choose a newer automatic car wash over an older one if you can. This is because some older places may still wash your car with brushes that are too rough and could scratch the paint. Most modern car washes use microfiber and foam brushes to keep from scratching the car and to keep dirt and debris from getting on the car.

2. Remove Roof Rack

Before you go to a car wash, take off your roof rack and any items that are on it. The roof rack might not be tall enough to fit through the car wash tunnel. It can also give you peace of mind to know that the roof rack won’t be a problem while your car is getting cleaned.

3. Secure your Vehicle

Before you go into an automatic car wash, roll up your windows and lock them. This is to keep you and anyone else in your car safe as you go through the car wash. The side mirrors of your car should also be put away to keep them from getting broken. But don’t forget to put them back together when you’re done washing your car and are ready to leave.

4. Get on the Track

When you pull up to the track system, you will have to put your car on the track. When you are safe on it, you will be told. If your car has an automatic transmission, you’ll need to put it in the park. If it has a manual transmission, you’ll need to put it in neutral. Don’t put your feet on the pedals. To use the car wash safe and keep your car from getting damaged, make sure to read the signs and listen to any advice a worker may give you.

5. Drive-Thru Drying

Depending on where you get it washed, there are different ways to dry off your car. Most automatic car washes have strong jets that blast your car with heated air to dry it off. However, some car washes have workers wipe down your car. Most of the time, this method is safe for cars, but sometimes the towels may have some dirt on them. If you don’t want to get a towel that may have already been used, try not to go to the car wash on a busy day.

6. Extra Services

You may be able to buy extra cleaning services at the car wash where you take your car, such as undercarriage rustproofing, spray-on wax, and clearcoat protector. Depending on your vehicle and how much money you have, you may want to add these or not. You can always ask the people who run the wash for more information about the services.

7. Check Your Car Before Leaving

As a safety measure, after you wash your car, pull it over to the side if you can and check how it looks. Look for scratches or other marks that weren’t there before. Talk to the manager if you see something. They might help figure out what to do.

An Automatic Car Wash Will Damage Your Car Paint Over Time

If you’re trying to decide if a quick trip to the automatic car wash is worth it based on the value of your car, the likelihood of damage, and the cost of fixing it, here’s something to think about: an automatic car wash can damage your car so quickly that signs could show up after just one visit.

How come damage happens so fast you might wonder?

It’s easy to figure out. Most automatic car washes don’t keep their brushes in good shape, so they leave deep, tiny scratches on the car’s surface. These are called swirl marks. The swirl marks can show up after just one wash, but after several washes, the damage builds up and the paint gets dull and the scratches become very obvious.

Pros of Choosing an Automatic Car Wash:

Be careful not to scratch the paint on the car’s bumpers. A car’s body paint is one of its most valuable features, so the owner takes great care to keep it in good shape. Some cars’ paint jobs were ruined when rough brushes were used, and some people got hurt. In contrast, the automatic way of washing a car is gentle and doesn’t use any harsh chemicals like the old way.

The amount of work that the automatic system wants to do per unit of time is enough. There is no chance that the machine will run out of work.

Lessen the number of times you feel tired: Using your hands to wash will use up your resources. People who are tired can’t do their jobs well, and when the car is washed, their work won’t matter. The automatic car wash, on the other hand, is said to clean every surface except those that can’t be reached by hand.

Less expensive: The automatic car wash is known for using new ways to wash cars that save time and water and therefore money. Both the car owner and the car wash specialist can save money because the car wash is cheap and does a good job.

“Time is money,” as they say. Most professionals could get by taking their cars to an automatic car wash, where the job would be done in a record-setting five to ten minutes. Car washes can keep an eye on the design and washing needs of their feet with the help of automatic washing machines that can be customized. They might need to do more than one thing at once to take care of the coat, and the automatic process does it in record time.

Cons of Choosing an Automatic Car Wash:

Reduced capacity: Strategies for automatic car washes usually focus on cleaning the car with little or no contact. Even though this has been said to be fair, there is a chance that dirt will still be on the car even after it has been washed.

Expensive: This way of washing a car uses expensive, specialized equipment. Even if a customer chooses to wash their car at the closest self-service car wash, they will probably pay more.

Water spots: Some automatic car washes can leave watermarks on the car’s body because the air dry or final hand cloth dry may not be enough, especially when older equipment is used.

Cost Of Manual Vs Automatic Car Wash

Since price is one of the many things to think about when choosing a type of car wash, you need to know how much each type costs in the UAE. The automatic car wash costs less than the one you wash by hand, but it doesn’t clean as well.

For light vehicles, a manual car wash in the UAE usually costs between AED 50 and AED 100. Price changes depending on what kind of service package you buy. Also, in the parking lots of different malls, you can get a manual car body wash for AED 15. The price of an automatic car wash is between AED 30 and AED 40.

Automatic Car Wash Vs Manual Car Wash – Which is Better?

When you weigh the pros and cons of a car wash, the automatic one seems to be the best choice. This is true when users don’t have a lot of time. Still, many people say that you should wash your car by hand, especially if you have a luxury car that needs special tools, products, and care.

It all depends on how much time and money you want to spend washing your car and what it needs. A mix of the two is also a good idea from time to time.


Even though there are some problems, the best way to wash and clean your car is with an automatic car wash. Also, the automatic car wash method gets better as time goes on because there are better cleaning products on the market and new microfiber technology. But if you don’t care about time or convenience, you can always choose to wash your car by hand with the products we recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Automatic Car Wash

Do automated car washes damage your car?

Over time, an automatic car wash will damage the paint on your car. Most automatic car washes don’t keep their brushes in good shape. So they leave deep, tiny scratches on the car’s surface. These are called swirl marks.

Why is it better to use an automatic car wash?

The paint on a car’s body is not damaged by an automatic car wash. Other ways to wash a car involve using hard, brittle brushes that scratch and eventually ruin the outside of the car. Automatic car washing, on the other hand, uses gentle cleaners to get the job done and doesn’t damage the car.

What is the best kind of car wash?

The best way to clean your car’s finish is to wash it by hand.

  • Handwash.
  • No-touch wash (if using gentle soap)
  • No need to rinse.
  • Wash without water.
  • Don’t use a brush.
  • Wash by itself.

When is it not a good idea to wash your car?

The short answer is that it is too cold to wash a car when the temperature is near or below freezing. In particular, that means any temperature from 34 degrees Fahrenheit and below.

Which car wash is the safest?

In the end, the touchless car wash is the fastest and safest way to get your car clean. Still, a hand car wash is the safest and most thorough way to wash a car. But if you don’t want to spend too much time washing your car, you can use a touchless car wash.

Do self-service car washes damage the paint?

Some automatic car washes still use brushes with rough edges that can scratch the paint. The brushes in these car washes are more likely to scratch your car’s paint because they have been used for a long time.

Which is better: soft-touch or no touch?

The biggest difference between a soft-touch and a touch-free car wash is that in a touch-free wash, only the cleaning products, and water touch your car. No clothes and no brushes.

What shouldn’t you use to clean your car?

Don’t use things like hand soap, dish detergent, or glass cleaner to clean the paint. These aren’t made to be used on car paint, and they may remove the wax that protects the paint.

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