Car insurance in the UK is renowned for being among the most expensive in the world, particularly if you are a younger person (under 25). A study by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) showed the average price of insurance for young people is £1,554, a huge sum compared to just over £1,000 in the US. The main reason for this is due to unlimited third person liability. In essence, what this means is if the claimant drives into a building, the insurance company is required to pay to cover the repair, whatever the cost. This cost could be millions of pounds, therefore increasing premiums to spread the risk over a large number of people. But what can be done to bring the cost down? This article can help explain some of the ways to get a better, fairer deal on your insurance.


1) Lower your annual mileage

The lower your annual mileage is, the cheaper your insurance will be. Though straightforward, lowering the mileage reduces the risk of you having an accident as you are spending less time on the road. Honesty regarding mileage is incredibly important though, as if caught with incorrect numbers, your policy can be voided.


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