The 2022 Kia Sorento is a small SUV that is one of the few in its class to offer three rows of seating. In that way, it’s an interesting option for those looking for something more flexible than Kia’s Sportage small SUV but isn’t as big or costly as the midsize three-row Telluride. Kia completely revamped the Sorento in 2021, and the Telluride cousin influenced the design. The Sorento has four options for powertrains that include a hybrid and the new plug-in hybrid for 2022. In addition, all trims will get more features like the 10.25-inch touchscreen, which is now available at all levels, except for the entry-level model. Customers looking for a low-cost yet stylish SUV are now able to get the stylish X-Line look package further down the ladder of trims. Overall, we give the 2022 Sorento high marks for its appealing mix of comfort, utility, and value.

Sorento drive

The Sorento equipped with a turbocharged engine is surprisingly quick for a compact SUV. It’s not only the speed of 60 mph in 6.7 seconds that impressed us, but also the speed at which the power increases when you go faster. To give you an idea, this Sorento is 3 seconds quicker than the similar size Volkswagen Tiguan and a tick quicker than that V6 powered Honda Passport. Merging on the highway and passing isn’t an issue for the Sorento.

It’s just as amazing as the brand new eight-speed dual-clutch auto transmission, which can make fast, seamless shifts even in slow-moving traffic and full-throttle merging. In slowing down to stop, the Sorento can be accomplished thanks comfortably to its perfectly balanced and intuitive brake pedal. At 60 miles per hour, the Sorento had a very slight dip in its nose, and braking took just 120 feet. This is more than the average for this class. Handling is similarly confidence-inspiring, but we wish for a little more accuracy in the steering.

How enjoyable is the Sorento?

Sorento interior

Three rows of seats provide more than you would expect in comfort for a small SUV. The seats in the front of the top-of-the-line test vehicle had heat, ventilation, and an ample range of adjustments. The captain’s chairs for the second row (a seating bench is available at the lower levels of trim) were firm, but we’re more comfortable and comfortable than the bench seats found on other vehicles. The third-row seats are small with a low ground, but they still provide adequate support to adults. Even though the touch-sensitive controls aren’t as responsive to traditional buttons, a dual-zone climate controller system is efficient and user-friendly.

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How’s the technology?

The top-of-the-line test car we tested was outfitted with a 10.25-inch touchscreen, navigation, a new Bose audio system, and a 12.3-inch touchscreen that functions as a digital instrument. The graphics are sharp and innovative. However, we did find some of the buttons somewhat too small. However, the Bose sound system was a bit less than impressive, and we never could find a perfect match across a variety of music. The basic voice command system is among the least effective technology in the Sorento that lacks natural speech recognition and flexibility. The device has eight USB ports and wireless charging, and users aren’t left without energy. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphones are compatible; however, wireless connectivity isn’t available.

Fuel economy

The EPA states that the all-wheel-drive Sorento equipped with a turbocharged engine will get 24 mpg when combined (27 highway/22 city), which is a 25.2 mpg average for our 115-mile mixed-driving test loop. Additionally, the turbocharged Sorento doesn’t require premium gasoline. The Sorento isn’t as economical as those of the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4; However, it beat the mpg numbers we obtained for the similar Subaru Passport along with the Subaru Ascent on our eval route.

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