A six-figure sports car should give you pretty much everything you want, right? It should look like NASA rocket boosters to power and super glue to improve tire grip. This year’s Acura NSX meets the criteria we’ve described; however, more specific disadvantages prevent it from reaching “must-have” status. The issue isn’t with the power because of its unique hybrid powertrain, but the all-wheel drive. It accelerates between 0 and 60 miles per hour faster than any other vehicle we’ve tried. It’s also not the handling, and the NSX is a breeze and enjoyable to drive around turns. It’s more the lack of storage space and the poor-quality technology interfaces that makes the NSX seem to be a bit under-developed when compared with rivals like Porsche 911 Turbo and Mercedes-AMG GT. Porsche 911 Turbo and Mercedes-AMG GT. 

2021 acura nsx

How enjoyable is the NSX?

The NSX is a rare combination of the vehicle’s performance and long-distance comfort. The seatbacks are smooth, comfortable, and comfortable; However, the cushions on the seats are a little short in length, and they are not adjustable. Two suspension settings can easily handle all road bumps and forces of cornering. The climate controls strangely are split between touchscreen and physical buttons. The air vents are tiny, don’t have the ability to articulate, and look as if they’re from old Acuras.

While heating and cooling in the cabin are satisfactory, the HVAC system is generally disappointing for an automobile at this price. The quiet cabin is affected by the intake piped-in noise, which is too loud in certain instances and isn’t authentic enough to be an exotic vehicle.

2021 acura nsx interior

Top technology

Acura has changed to improve the NSX’s ineffective infotainment system, but the fact that it’s the head unit of an affordable car that costs $25,000 is not acceptable in a luxury car. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration take the sting from this fact, but the excellent new and standard ELS audio system isn’t enough to save the Honda parts bin interface.

Fuel economy

Even if it is a supercar, the NSX is still a hybrid, and the EPA rates it at a better-than-class-average 21 mpg combined (21 city/22 highway). We saw a credible 20.5 mpg over the course of our 115-mile evaluation route. We also duplicated that number across another full tank of fuel, proving that fairly good mileage is not out of reach with the NSX.

How’s the storage?

It’s not a good idea to assume that a luxury car will contain a lot, if not any, storage capacity for cargo; however, most of Acura’s rivals offer sufficient storage for small items and cargo space to make a weekend getaway with two people. The NSX isn’t equipped with any real storage inside, and the small 4.4-cubic-foot trunk is severely limited due to its small height. The grocery bags need to be filled to a minimum of halfway to be fitting.

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