What to Do when Your Car is Totaled

Our cars are a special machine for each and every person. A car has sometimes more sentimental value to a person that most other machines that are out there. This is why it is so important to try and look after them as best as possible. And for most people this is not a problem. Most people consider cars like a very loyal and faithful pet what will do anything for you or a special and close loved one. Sadly, most often cars are compared as being similar to a loyal pet rather than a loved one, but that is a problem to be sorted on a different conversation. So when it comes to write off that old car, there are two possible ways that it can go down.

If the car is still working and is in a state that can be sold, then the best thing that you can do is to sell the car to someone and hope that they will take care of the car in the same way that you did. But on the other hand, if the car is in no condition to be sold for reuse, then you are out of luck and will simply have to hope for the best.

The reason for this is because a written off car has two ways to go. One is that the car is sold to a dealer who will take apart the car and use it for spare parts. In this case the money value that you can get will probably be a lot better that in the other final option. The other option would be to give the car away for scrap metal and hope for the best car scrap value that you can get. This is because in these cases, the scrap value will most likely come from only the metal weight value of the car, because all the plastic and other non-metal parts will be stripped away and in most cases thrown away as they cannot be reused. In these cases, the older cars have a better advantage than newer cars, as the older cars were less plastic and fiber glass and more metal.

Either way all you can do is hope for the best value that you can get and hopefully the insurance money would have payed you the rest. Because at the end of the day, what you are hoping from this, in most cases, is to get as much money as possible so that you can invest and buy a new car.



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