What A Student Needs To Consider When Taking a Car For College


College seems easy until you’re trying to figure how to toast bread,finish an assignment due in two hours after procrastinating the entire day or googling how to not fall asleep when in class. There’s so many things you need to take care of but one of the important ones is whether you’re going to get your own car and drive for college or find another alternative way. The latter is advised specially if you’re carpooling and saving the environment but if you’re choosing the forming then there certainly things you need to consider before you do.

Type of Car.

The best possible way to travel to your college would be take the public transport or your skateboard if it’s very close by so you don’t have to go through the agitating and painful experience of surviving the traffic. But if that seems impossible and car seems like the best possible option, then it’s best to choose a used car that’s less costly so you don’t have use up your student loan on something more important. In addition try getting it right from a dealer for durability reasons.

Repair and Maintenance.

Remember that you can’t take care of your car like you take careof your Textbooks.It’s important you check for repairs often and keep the vehicle up to date with oil changes and maintenance and the other routines to make sure it’s ready to go when you’re already two hours late for your lecture. Its college and you might as well prepare for all the mental breakdowns you’ll go through when the exams are closer, but keeping your car in good shape and implementing ways to avoid car breakdowns is important before it’s already too late be it the car you rented after reading the Honda for rent Singaporesignboard or the vintage one you borrowed from your great aunt.

Parking Permits.

As much as you’d willingly miss your class and spend an hour making circles around the university, looking for a parking spot is like fishing for real love in today’s world of one time flings, you’ll only end up extremely dissatisfied. Make sure to secure yourself with a parking permit because you sure don’t want to end up with a pair of stolen headlights and tyres. To make sure your car is safe from theft and to not wander the streets looking for the right place to park, it’s wiser to pay the fee even for a corner spot in the parking lot.


We can never predict what can happen tomorrow. Especially when you’re in college and unexpected circumstances are thrown at you like the assignments and their deadly deadlines. What I’m trying to say is accidents happen, whether you’re pregnant with your best friend’s boyfriend or sent in a work mail to your lecturer. But like the saying goes it’s better to be safe than sorry right? When you own a car, you might as well be prepared for accidents, because when you sit back and watch I’m pretty sure there’s going to be road trips and late night drives specially in a college. Keep all the necessary details like emergency contacts and addresses in the glove compartment and have an accident readiness kit in your car.

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