Vehicle Maintenance

Uncommon vehicle maintenance mistakes to avoid

Anything lasts longer when they are well maintained. This is a universal law that has been there forever. Hence, paying attention to the well maintenance of your vehicle is more important than you think. On the top of that, poor maintaining could damage the vehicle that causes costly repairs. But the last thing you want happening are vehicle maintenance mistake because they could be worse than letting the vehicle to rot.

Here are 5 uncommon vehicle maintenance mistakes that you must avoid.

  • Not choosing one repair station

Here’s the thing; the reason why there are people like family doctors is because they know every little detail on the health of the families that depend on them. In the same way, when you have one designated service station, they will remember you and the condition of your car since you are one their customers. That way, you don’t have to explain the history of the car every time, and you can avoid many unexpected damaged too.

  • Poor storing facilities

There comes times during the year that the climate conditions could affect your vehicle unless kept away from them. A great example is winter. During winter, you need to store your car in a hired store unit since they’re better than your best storage area. In addition, it is better to leave the car at a safer place when you’re away because that way the vehicle would be safer too.

  • Disregarding the tire pressure

The pressure of the tires and the wheel alignment are two most important things that could possible decide your fate. How? Imagine having insufficient tire pressure and breaking the vehicle in middle of nowhere in the night, not the best picture. Poor wheel alignment could consume more and more fuel while damaging the vehicle in many ways.

  • Forgetting to do fluid checks

The amount of liquids that are needed to function a vehicle, including fuel are many in numbers. On the top of that, the quality and the sufficiency of each fluid will decide whether your vehicle runs efficiently or not. This is why it is necessary to know the condition of the fluids of the vehicle at all times.

  • Poor hygiene

Dust and dirt goes a long way in destructing the good conditions of a vehicle, period. You simply wouldn’t know until your vehicle needs a full makeover just because its important parts are covered with dust and dirt. Imagine how a person with nicotine covered lungs malfunction and suffer with time; same thing happens here.

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