Truck maintenance: avoid having a breakdown

Trucks are constantly on the move, almost every day and every night, they would usually travel 100,000 miles every year which makes them pretty much beated up at work. The growing market means that truck delivery companies must provide more of their efforts and time in order to cater to the demands. So because of this, trucks always carry a heavy load while being on the road for hours, and travelling for long distances, wherein a problem is bound to happen at some point. Here is how you could maintain your truck’s health for safer and better deliveries in the future.

Check the tires

A heavy load requires big wheels to support the travel. Tires are one of the first parts that will experience wear and tear over the course of constant travels and deliveries, which is why it is always important to check your tires at least once a week for tire pressure. And if the truck mostly travels far then all the more should the tires be checked more frequently. It is all about safety when it comes to tires because having a good and well inflated tire would maintain or increase the mileage and not make the steering difficult. You should also always check if it is overinflated, because this may cause the tires to pop or get damaged along the way.


For an experienced truck driver, or even a normal person who knows how to drive, they can easily tell the difference of a damaged brake from a good working one. If your brakes are squealing whenever you are stopping the truck or feel as if it is difficult to stop the truck because the brake doesn’t seem to be doing its job perfectly, then it is time for new ones and a sign that you should get a truck repair services in singapore to have your brakes checked as well as provide a proper assessment on the overall functionality of your truck


Before you start the travel, aside from checking the tires, you should also check the fluids such as the radiator fluid, the oil, brake fluid, and of course your fuel. Always make sure that everything is well lubricated and where it is should be to prevent any type of damage from occurring along the way.

You should always take adequate time to check all the things that helps the truck perform its utmost potential. This does not only avoid you from troubles before, during, or after travels, but also helps you save a lot of money or even buying a new truck.



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