Can I call my driver a chauffeur?

Everyone assumes that the word chauffeur is simply a classy synonym to the word Driver. But there is more to it than the word suggests.  Even though drivers and chauffeurs take us to the destination we want there are certain things that differentiate them. A driver is a person who operated a vehicle, but a chauffeur is a professional who is hired to drive. A driver is simply someone who functions a vehicle, whereas a chauffeur is a professional that is hired to function. For instance, let’s consider a taxi service like Uber, it gives the opportunity to everyone to become a driver and provide a service, on the other hand, chauffeursmust be responsible and accountable for their actions hence they are much more serious about work.

Level of service

A drivers obligation is to drive someone from point X to point Y. Unlike that a chauffeur, does the same thing but in an elegant way. More than getting you safely to your destination he will get you there in style. He will not just take you places but he will take you places in luxury. Not like a driver, for a chauffeur serving you is a part of the responsibility! He will not just cart you to your destination, if your on holiday he will take the routes with scenery if you like to see the mountains or lakes or if you have an important meeting he will get you to your destination in no time! He is also concerned about your concerns. He will also get you the door, or carry your luggage if you like. If your feeling little hungry during your drive, you don’t have to worry, chauffeur know the best coffee places in town.

Level of training

Not just like other typical drivers, chauffeur get a thorough training about the rules and regulations of the road as their first priority is your safety. Not only about rules will they have an excessive training on how to treat their customers. They will learn to drive defensively but definitely not aggressively.They make sure your ride is safe and also pleasant.

Level of pride

The level of pride in them will be spoken through their uniforms! There uniforms will be clean to The dot and crisp. He will drive you places with dignity. Not only he will be clean but he will make sure the vehicle is clean. And he will definitely not forget to stuff the vehicle with your favourite snacks!.It is ideal for weddings and now your very own wedding chauffeur is available for you.

I’m sure now you have a clear idea on who a driver is and who a chauffeur is!

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