4 simple hacks to clean the garbage disposal unit

Your home is the one place that you always strive to have clean at all times. Garbage disposals can be a life saver when trying to clean the kitchen as they are normally self-cleaning and need little attention. From time to time however, it is important to clean and check if they are in good condition so that all garbage and debris are disposed methodically and well. This article will give you some tips on how to safely clean out any dirty trash and effectively eliminate any odors in your home.

Remove lodged objects

It is important to check if any large objects are stuck or lodged in the disposal unit as this is the first step you need to do before proceeding in to the cleaning process. Turn off the main power supply to ensure it does not accidently turn on while cleaning and checking. Use a flashlight to check where the object is and using pliers carefully remove the object making sure to not damage the grinder. For some residences, a portable grease trap Singapore can help intercept any kind of garbage or grease before it enters the water disposal system.

Flush any debris with water

The next most effective and simple step is to flush out the garbage disposal with water. This will remove any loose grime or dirt. Adding a bit of dish soap and running some hot water to a depth of about 3 inches in the sink will allow the water to settle in and loosen the pipes further. Hot water helps to liquefy the oil and remove it from the drain better than simply running cold water.

Ice cubes and salt

Another solution to remove the tougher debris and grease is to grind ice cubes and some salt. Pour about two cups full of ground ice, followed by one cup full of rock salt. Switch on the disposal unit and run some cold water, this will crush the ice and salt and remove remaining debris easily. Alternatively, you can freeze white vinegar in to ice cubes and crush them in to disposal unit as well.

Eliminating odours

Citrus fruit peels are a natural way of freshening up the garbage disposal and kitchen areas as they have a strong yet sweet smell in their peels. Grind a handful of peels from citrus fruits such as orange, lime, grapefruit or lemon and slide them in to the disposal unit. The citric acid will help clean the blades of the unit while eliminating any foul odours. You can add some lavender or rosemary oil to further enhance the scent.

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